Thursday, September 21, 2006

My hamster family

Before the family had me and Bibi, they had 5 other hamsters already. But all 5 are in hamster heaven now. I didn't get to meet all of them, but when I came into the family 2 of them are still around. I thought it'll be nice to introduce them to my friends. Sorry for the blurry pictures as Eil's photography skills were real lousy back then.

First hamsters to come into the family are a pair of Roborovskis. They were given to the family from their neighbour. They were very small in size and can run very fast.

The girl hamster (left) was call Jerry (nickname Jer-jer)
The boy hamster (right) was call Ah Pui (nickname Pui-pui)
(see Jerry sleeps belly up too)

Jerry was such a sweet girl and never bites Eil but she grew a growth from her tummy and went to hamster heaven in about a year.
Pui-pui was like a bad tempered old man. He's such a grumpy hamster but he lived the longest at more then 2.5 yrs. I even met him when I came into the family.

Next to come to the family were 3 siblings of Winter Whites that were given to Eil from her
colleague last time. The funny thing is their parents are both pearl white, yet they produced a batch of 2 pearl white and 3 sapphire babies. The family adopted both the white babies and 1 grey sapphire.

The sapphire boy hamster (left) was call Gu-zai (nickname Ah Gu)
The pearl girl hamster (middle) was call Whitey (nickname White-ti-ti)
The other pearl girl hamster (right) was call Sleepy (nickname Sleep-pi-pi)
So at one point of time, there were 5 hamsters in the family. The 3 siblings got alone well in the beginning. Then Ah Gui gang up with Whitey to bully Sleepy so mam had to seperate them at later stage.
Whitey was the funny one in the group who loves to jump from toys and chew stuff. She lived for about 1.5 yr.
(Whitey happily smiling)

Ah Gu was the greediest one of the lot, he was even fatter then Bibi. He was papa's favourite so he was given lots of treats. He lived a little longer then 1.5 yr before he went to hamster heaven. Sleepy was mama's favourite girl and would lie still to let mama stroke her back. She lived for about 2 yrs and was still around when I came into the family.

Then next, I came into the family around Feb 2005. And as some of you might already know, I was given to the family from their cousin.
Bibi was bought from a pet shop by Eil. He came into the family around Aug 2005 but when he came in the other 5 hamsters were no longer around. So I'm the only other hamster that he know of.

So here's the hamsters that the family had and we hoped that the 5 of them had a good life when they were living here and are all now in hamster heaven together with each other.


Sunshade said...

Fufu, you are so lucky to have Eli. She obviously loves you so much and she sure took great care of all your predecessors!

You are not only the most popular hamster in the world, you are also the luckiest!!


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Sunshade said...

hey I just noticed, you are Eli's first "Teddy bear" hamster. I've heard hoomans say that the regular size hamsters such as yourself are better tempered than the small ones, no wonder Eli loves you the most!

Love nibbles again, (I hope you're not getting chewed up from all my love nibbles...)
Miss Sunshade

Sam I Am said...


I think your Fuzzy ,Do you do alot of Leaping in the air,Dose that mean your expressing how happy you are!! woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

hana said...

Fu Fu, I am sad because it seems that hamsters live shorter lives than dogs. But, I am glad to meet your hamster family even though they are in hamster heaven. Do you know about the rainbow bridge? I bet your family is there.

By the way, I like how the party hat looks on you :-)

Chelsea said...

I'm with sunshade - you are one lucky little critter. But, you already know that. :)


T-man said...

What cute siblings you had!! I hope you live the longest of them all. I'm sure Eil will help you do that.

Fu Fu said...

Hi everyone.
Yes, it's pretty sad that hamsters lead such a short life. But we hope that they all lead a happy life when they are around.
Thanks for all your comments. I hope I can live a long time with Eil too. ;)

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I absolutely love fufu, soooo adorable~ *envious* I'm from Aussie, there's no hamsters here. *sulk* - Diva's mum.